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Fire Extinguishers

We have an extinguisher to suit every application. We supply hand held portable extinguishers and wheeled mobile extinguishers for larger applications like fuel depots or airports. 

DCP extinguisher

Dry Chemical Powder

Here at 1st Choice Fire Safety and Training we stock all of your Dry Chemical Powder Type Extinguishers. Our range includes;

1.0kg (1A:20BE) 1.5kg (2A:30BE) 2.0kg (2A:30BE) 2.5kg (3A:40BE) 4.5kg (4A:60BE) 9.0kg (6A:80BE)

We also stock all the BE powder varieties

CO2 Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide

If you have high end PC equipment or office equipment that needs specialised protection, our CO2 range is perfect for these applications.

2.0kg (2BE) CO2
3.5kg (5BE) CO2
5.0kg (5BE) CO2

Foam Extinguisher

Foam (Fluorine Free Air Foam and Alcohol Resistant Foam)

Flammable liquids are no issue with our range of foam extinguishers. Whether it is just for ordinary flammable liquids or alcohol/chemical based liquids we have the foam for the situation.

2.0lt and 9lt (3A:20B)

Air Water Extinguisher

Air Water

For papers, cardboards and plastics water is still versatile in these areas. Timber mills, paper mills anywhere with high concentration of A class flammables water is efficient

9lt (2A) Air Water

WC Extinguisher

Wet Chemical

Do you have an industrial kitchen, restuarant or cafe? Do you use cooking oils and fats? Most people do not know that you cannot use Dry Chemical Powder, Water, Foam extinguishers on these fire types. This is where Wet Chemical comes into play.

2.0lt (1A:4F) and 7lt (2A:4F) Wet Chemical varieties


Vapourising Liquid

For those facilities containing extremely high end machinery (eg CT machines, MRI machines, Mining equipment) vapourising liquid is the best option.

9lt (3A:30E) Vapourising Liquid or Sapphire