Fire Training Brisbane

1st Choice Fire have on staff fully qualified QBCC Evacuation Procedures staff and Fire Safety Advisers. We can conduct Evacuation Coordinator (ECO Warden) Training and First Response (Fire Extinguisher) Training

ECO Warden or Evacuation Coordinator Training

Authority​ :

To operate as part of an emergency control organisation (ECO – Warden) AS 3745-2010 (Planning for emergencies in facilities) states: All ECO members, including nominated deputies, shall be trained to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake the duties set out in the emergency response procedures. ( There shall be sufficient personnel trained in all positions within the ECO to allow for projected absences.

Subjects Covered​ :
This course is for ECO Wardens and other persons who are responsible for the control of premises and occupants during an emergency in the workplace. The course is conducted in accordance with AS 3745, AS 4083 and the requirements of the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations and will assist in compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations.
● The duties of the ECO as described in the emergency response procedures and emergency plan.
● Procedures for the specific emergencies contained in the emergency plan.
● Responding to alarms and reports of emergencies.
● Reporting emergencies and initiating the installed emergency warning equipment.
● Communication during emergencies. Pre-emergency activities.
● Emergency activities.
● Post-emergency activities.
● Occupants and visitors with disabilities.
● Human behaviour during emergencies.
● The use of installed emergency response equipment.
● The performance of the building and its installations during a fire or other emergency

This training may include exercises.
Duration​ ​= 40mins

First Response Training

First Response Training (Extinguisher and General Evacuation Procedures Training) is a requirement by law under the Building Fire Safety regulations 2008 Section 36 and 37. This legislation maintains that all employers and employees are to have instruction in the method of operating portable fire fighting equipment and general evacuation procedures. New employees are required to undergo this training within 1 month of commencing employment.

Target Participants:
Building Occupants, Workplace Employees, Visitors and the Public at large

Session Content:
Designed as specific information for selected staff and delivered as a combination theory/practical session. This instruction teaches the correct procedures and appropriate equipment to use in an emergency in the workplace. Participants will learn how to safely react to an emergency situation.  The training for First Response Evacuation Instruction shall address, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

-How fire is formed and how it spreads..
-The classes of fire..
-The appropriate first attack portable fire equipment for those classes.
-Location of portable fire fighting equipment.
-Location of fire warning and or fire alarm systems.
-How to read and interpret Evacuation Diagrams.

-The demonstration and use of installed fire extinguishers and other fire equipment.
-The method used to activate the fire warning systems.

The lighting of training fires will be subject to completion of a risk assessment in conjunction with the site safety representative.
LPG may be used in practical demonstration. Students will be required to comply with safety directions, and wear appropriate dress during fire training. The lighting of fires for the practical demonstration or the use of any Fire equipment will be at the discretion of the fire trainer on the day

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